Is it permissible to watch soccer on television? I love the English Premier League.


A question came to an ‘Aalim in England from a woman whose husband had passed away. Her question was: “Did my husband pass away on imaan?”

This is obviously something that is known only to Allah Ta‘ala. If a person lived his life as a Muslim, then we are in no position to make any negative judgement with regards to his imaan. Based on his apparent life we simply accept and treat him as a Muslim. However here we have a man who lived as a Muslim, yet his wife is asking: “Did my husband pass away on imaan?”

What was the background to her asking such a question? The sad reality was that he was a soccer fanatic. A player by the name of Alan Shearer was his hero and idol. Thus he had his pictures plastered all over his bedroom. He was addicted to following the latest matches and scores.

One day he complained to his wife that he wasn’t feeling well. She tried to console him but he was certain that something was definitely not right and asked her to call for the ambulance. As he was leaving the home he gave his wife some parting advice. She brushed it off by saying that this was nothing serious and he will be back soon. He was taken to the hospital where they eventually diagnosed him with advanced stages of cancer, which left him with a very slim chance of surviving. His condition deteriorated terribly and he would remain unconscious most of the time. One day all of a sudden he jumped up and screamed, “I love you Alan Shearer, my worship!” and then breathed his last. Thus his wife’s concern was: “Did my husband pass away on imaan?”

It is every Muslim’s desire to pass away in the love of Allah Ta‘ala with the kalimah on his lips. Unfortunately this person passed away in the love of some sport player, while repeating the name of his soccer idol. This is definitely not the way a Muslim will like to leave the world. Remember! Whatever we love is entrenched deep down in our hearts, and what is in our hearts will be expressed at the time of death.

Dear Brother! The fact that you have expressed love for the English Premier League is enough to send a shiver through the spine and to raise the warning signal to immediately remove this imaan-damaging love from your heart.

As far as watching television is concerned, then it is a combination of many wrongs. No one can dispute the vulgarity and immorality that is passed on via the television. The eyes and ears are continuously bombarded with vice and evil. Thus if we are involved in this sin, we need to admit our weakness and beg Allah Ta‘ala for the strength to come out of it. We should never justify this action of ours, as this will close the doors of us repenting from the sin.