• Intro to the Science of Tafseer
  • Understand the Message and Virtues of the Chapter read most often in your day
  • Enhance your Concentration in Salaah

By: Moulana Ismail Husain (rahimahullah)

Part 1:

Various Names / Virtues / Cure for Ailments / Correct Procedure of Understanding the Message of the Quraan / Harms of Studying a Translation Independently / Meaning of ‘Rabb’ / Difference between ‘Rahmaan’ and ‘Raheem’

Duration: 31:26


Part 2:

Allah Ta’ala ‘s Response to each verse / Deen is Moderate and Easy / Pure Deen is passed down from Heart to Heart / Unbroken chain of Knowledge / Criterion of a Deeni Guide

Duration: 35:34