I have a problem where I have a family member and a group of friends who are involved in satanic beliefs. I know I’m a Muslim, but sometimes I feel influenced. What must I do?


The fact that you have taken the courage to ask this question, and you mention that you know you are Muslim, shows that you have imaan. Allah Ta‘ala will make a way out for you, insha-Allah.

1. You are becoming influenced by these satanic beliefs because you are interacting with people who have such beliefs and you are entertaining their ideologies. For the sake of your Aakhirah, totally refrain from such company. Make up some excuse for your inability to be with them. You may blame it on chores or studies. Also do find good and pious company to associate with.

As for your family member – try to get some pious, learned family member to advise him and encourage him to leave the satanic beliefs.

2. If these satanic beliefs have really created a doubt in your mind regarding your imaan and Deen, then go to a learned and experienced ‘Aalim and speak to him. Explain your doubts to him so that he can clear your mind and save your imaan.

3. Frequent the gatherings of the pious. Engage in zikr, tilaawat and du‘aa daily. Fix a time for these aa’maal and be very consistent upon them.

Nabi (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) says, “Shaitaan lays his snout on the heart of the son of Adam. When he remembers Allah, Shaitaan withdraws (moves away), and when he is negligent of Allah Ta‘ala, Shaitaan attacks his heart (i.e. incites towards evil).” (Shu‘abul Imaan #536)

The above hadeeth lays emphasis on the importance of zikr in order to be saved from the wasaawis (whispers) of Shaitaan.

May Allah Ta‘ala save us all from the evils of the nafs and Shaitaan.

And Allah knows best.