I am in school and I want to do the ‘Aalim course. How do I convince my parents and family? They don’t want me to become an ‘Aalim, they want me to become a doctor instead.


Becoming an ‘Aalim of Deen is an excellent choice. However, also try your utmost to acquire the blessings, happiness and du‘aas of your parents.

Every parent wants the best future for their child. In your case, your parents feel that the medical field holds the best future for you. However, the harms and dangers that affect a person’s imaan and Deen in the university environments worldwide are well known to one and all.

On account of these serious dangers, we encourage you to respectfully and lovingly speak to your parents so that you may try to convince them to allow you to become an ‘Aalim instead of sending you to a university.

Below are some guidelines that will assist you in changing your parents’ minds and winning their hearts:

  1. Never under estimate the power of du‘aa – especially at the accepted times (i.e. at the time of tahajjud, after the five fardh salaah, on a Friday between the two khutbahs, when travelling and the du‘aas of the pious).
  2. Conduct ta‘leem at home with constancy and with the intention that when ta‘leem changed the hearts of so many people, it can certainly change the heart of your parents. Remember that Allah Ta‘ala changes hearts. Your parents’ hearts are in His hands.
  3. Get the support of some of your pious relatives, some ‘Ulama or some pious doctors whom your parents respect and admire. Ask them to speak to your parents and appeal to them on your behalf.
  4. Even though you are a student, give some sadaqah (a few Rands, some food or even some clothes) according to what you can manage. This should be given to some poor person.

May Allah Ta‘ala bless you with every good and ease, aameen