Please help me with this.

These shia guys have opened the door of temporary marriage. I think they call it Muta. My friends are very excited as they feel this will make life easier and more exciting since they don’t have to be stuck with one woman for life and be restricted by the wife to one woman only.

We have a challenge as wives don’t allow men to marry more than one and they are controlling. On the other hand girls also feel this is good for them coz upto now they were always under the control of the husband and did not have the power to divorce. How do I convince my friends that this is not permissible? I feel for us youth today this is going to make it difficult for us.

Please guide & advise me.


Wa ‘alaikumus salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

Respected Brother

The mut‘ah of the Shi‘ah is nothing but prostitution. It is something they have concocted in order to fulfil their lusts. Shiasm is the only religion in the world that we know off; where prostitution is an act of great merit and reward.

Those who are very excited about the doors of mut‘ah being opened would most probably be even more excited when they will find that their blood sisters, daughters, wives and even mothers are engaging in wholesale mut‘ah. Perhaps their wives and daughters will even share the money they earn with them so that the “excitement” is shared by all.

It is also not unlikely that when one of their wives or daughters scores a century by notching up a hundred mut‘ahs, that the father or husband will throw a huge party to celebrate this “achievement”.