People from all over the world flock to the game parks in South Africa to see the ‘big five’. They spend hours upon hours tracking the elusive leopard and marvelling at the lion’s mane. Yet, very few have yet to see the ‘hidden five’.

The five pillars of Islam, which form the foundation of our Deen, are not easily seen and witnessed by people. Imaan is hidden in our heart, our salaah is hidden in our Musjid, our fasting is hidden in our stomach, our zakaah is hidden among the poor Muslims who receive it, and our hajj is hidden in the land of Makkah Mukarramah.

If the people around us cannot see the hidden five, then what they can see are the ‘apparent three’. These are our character, our manner of socialising with people, and the manner in which we do business with them. If we beautify these apparent three with the teachings of Islam, they will far outshine the big five and will attract people to Deen more than the big five attracts them to the Kruger National Park.