6. Ponder over the fact that the angel of death does not give respite. It must not be that whilst obeying the nafs in sinful pleasures, the angel of death visits; and departure is in disgrace, and return to Allah Ta‘ala is at a time when He is angry, and that death is an embarrassment to the person, the family and community who find out that death came in sin. May Allah Ta‘ala protect us all from death in a state of transgression which has become very common these days.

Whereas in the past, we heard of Muslims dying in sajdah, in a state of fasting, while occupied in recitation of Quraan Majeed, in other noble actions, today, we hear and read of Muslims dying in prostitute quarters, in rave clubs, while viewing pornography, or due to drugs and other intoxicants, etc.

Death visits more often, very unexpectedly, and no true Muslim would want to be seized by the angel of death when Allah Ta‘ala is displeased. I often say, “We now have instant tea, instant coffee, instant cereal, instant pudding and so many other things on the market that are instant. However, we are also living in times when death is instant.”  So any sin is too much of a risk in the face of the reality of death. As is commonly said:

“Your resurrection will be how you have died, and you will die in the manner you have lived.”

Would any Muslim want to rise up on the day of judgment in sin, for all of mankind to witness what kind of life he led?

(to be continued insha-Allah)