Kifl was a very evil man of the Bani Israaeel. There wasn’t a sin which he had not committed. Once he paid a woman sixty gold coins to fulfil his desires. When he was about to commit the sin, she trembled with fear and began to cry. He asked her what was the reason for this, as she had happily consented and he was not raping her.

She replied: “I have never done such a filthy act in my life, and I only accepted due to financial constraints and desperation.”

He was shocked and said to her: “You can take all the money and go and I take an oath that I will never disobey Allah Ta‘ala in future.”

He passed away that very night and the next morning the following was found written outside his door: “Allah Ta‘ala has forgiven Kifl.” (Tirmizi #2496)

Lesson: The mercy of Allah Ta‘ala is such that when a person resolves not to disobey Him, He immediately forgives him even though he may have not done a single good deed yet, at the time of repentance. Furthermore, when a person tries to remain chaste, Allah Ta‘ala makes arrangements for the preservation of his chastity even in the most difficult of situations.