As salaamu alaikum

Respected Mufti Saab

About one and half years ago I committed a major, major, major sin. I did make sincere tauba (salaatul tauba & lots of du‘aa) repenting and promising never to repeat. This put me into depression for a while. I was truly sorry.

However I fell into this sin again recently. I have no excuses except that it is due to my weakness.

Please advise what to do. I am really disheartened and ashamed of what I did again.

Is there another chance for forgiveness?

I was told that Allah will NEVER forgive a repeated sin if tauba was made previously. Is this true? Is there hope or am I destined for punishment?

Sometimes I feel the need to tell someone in person. Should I?

Was salaam


Wa ‘alaikumus Salaam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuh

Respected Brother

The concern and remorse that you express is in actual fact a sign that insha-Allah you are not destined for punishment, rather Allah Ta‘ala wishes to forgive you.

The doors of taubah are always open until a person reaches the throes of death. You may have heard about the person who had murdered a hundred people yet he was forgiven. I suggest you listen to this audio clip.

While the sin may be very great and severe, the mercy of Allah Ta’ala is far greater. Hence you should make sincere taubah once again and resolve not to return to any sin in future.

However as you are aware, at times avoiding sin becomes very difficult and the temptation just gets the better of one. Therefore adhering to the following points will insha-Allah assist you greatly to stay away from sin in future:

  1. Stay far away from all those places, company, and devices that lead you to sin.
  2. Join the company of some pious learned ‘Aalim, attend his discourses, discuss your spiritual problems with him and adhere to his teachings.
  3. Daily take out time to make du‘aa and istighfaar, recite the Quraan Majeed and read the books Fazaail A’maal and Fazaail Sadaqaat of Hazrat Moulana Muhammad Zakariyya (rahimahullah). Also ensure that you do not miss a single salaah.

May Allah Ta‘ala accept your repentance, keep you steadfast and bless you with His pleasure, aameen.