What will you say to a person who places a block of butter on a blazing fire for ten minutes and thereafter complains, “How on earth did it melt? I’m gonna sue the company!” Your answer will obviously be, “You fool! How on earth do you expect it not to melt?”

Similarly, every young person has carnal desires that are bottled within him. These desires are the “butter”. It melts very easily and slips out of control when one is in the presence of the opposite gender.

In fact, it is closer to reality to compare the bottled up desires to gas in a gas bottle. The “flame” of nudity, shamelessness, music, lustful glances, obscene talk, drugs, illicit contact and even filthy thoughts can cause the “gas” to explode. When it explodes, it cannot be controlled. It then knocks one off his feet and dumps him into the filth-laden pit of zina. In the aftermath of the explosion, one’s life is in a mess, marriage is blown apart and health is shredded, may Allah Ta‘ala saves us all.

Therefore do not place the butter near the fire – it will melt, and do not take the gas near the flame – it may blow you apart.