There was a woman by the name of Hind bintul-Khus Al-Iyaadiyyah in the pre Islamic times, who was a wealthy woman, well known for her intelligence, wit, eloquence and words of wisdom. Inspite of being a woman of position and honour amongst her people, she committed adultery with her slave boy. People asked her: “Of all people, what made you commit adultery with your slave boy whereas you are a leading woman of your tribe? Why not with a free person instead?”

So she replied: “The factors which prompted me to commit adultery were close contact and long chats.” (Risaalatul Mustarshideen, pg. 177)

Lesson: Being in privacy with the opposite gender and having close contact or casually chatting with them may eventually lead one to falling into the most despicable of actions and thereby bringing perpetual disgrace. Alas, one of the most common vices among our youth! These two factors are the highly inflammable ingredients that cause explosion and destruction to one’s deen and worldly life.