Ml. Yunus Patel (rahimahullah) mentioned:

On one occasion when I was addressing a group of young boys, I explained to them: The word “you” is in “youth”. And you are presently in youth. Your youth is in your hands. Now it is left to you to safeguard ‘you’ in your youth or destroy ‘you’ in your youth.

If you safeguard your youth, Allah Ta‘ala will give you respect and dignity. You will enjoy good health, both physical and spiritual. You will enjoy a wholesome, happy life. There will be success in both worlds.

Allah Ta‘ala promises you the noble and enviable position of being in the shade of His ‘arsh (throne) on the Day of Qiyaamah. Seek this special honour and privilege in your youth!

If you say that you are not interested in safeguarding your youth and you want to enjoy this worldly life, by engaging in those actions which please the nafs (carnal self) and which displease Allah Ta‘ala, then ask yourself: What is enjoyment in life? Who is the one who gives enjoyment in life?

True enjoyment and happiness will only come from the one who created the heart and controls the heart, Allah Ta‘ala .

Sins bring temporary satisfaction and fleeting enjoyment to the nafs. A little while of haraam pleasure and thereafter one has to suffer with the miserable consequences, lifelong.

The youth are the flowers of the Ummah and it deeply hurts when a flower of the Ummah, coming into full bloom, gets caught up in sins and thereafter, health, wealth, strength and everything is destroyed!

We deal with so many cases of young Muslim boys diagnosed with AIDS; with young, unmarried school girls and university going girls, who are pregnant or have had abortions, and others who have to also contend with the shameful consequences of sins. What did indulgence in haraam bring? Regret, humiliation and disgrace.

(Seeking the Shade of the ‘Arsh pg. 3)