It was once revealed to Nabi Yusha’ (‘alaihis salaam) that a punishment would befall his people and destroy one hundred thousand of them. However, the strange thing was that sixty thousand of them were sinners, whereas the other forty thousand were outwardly pious people! In astonishment, Nabi Yusha’ (‘alaihis salaam) asked, “O Allah! What crime did the pious people commit?” Allah Ta’ala replied, “They associated and interacted with the evil people and did not express any anger for the wrongs taking place around them.” (Shu‘abul Imaan #8982)


When a tsunami strikes, everybody is swept away and destroyed. That is why nobody hangs around and waits for the tsunami. Rather, everybody runs to safety.

We have entered the season in which many places become flooded by the tsunami of sin. When this happens, we should try our best to avoid these places so that we can save our Imaan from being washed away.

Sometimes, we don’t go to the sin, but the sin comes to us! If the sin comes to us and we have nowhere to run to, then we must try in whatever way possible to stop the sin. If we cannot do this, then at the least, we must feel hatred and disgust for the sin that is taking place.