N = Nurturing

E = Education

E = Example

D = Du‘aa


As I walked out of the musjid, an eye-catching poster filled with colour begged for my attention. It was a report-back on Syria by an ‘Aalim scheduled for the forthcoming night. I cancelled my soccer to attend the very promising program. As the Moulana recounted his first-hand experiences, the merciless butchering of our youth and innocent children in Syria, I could not help but shed tears at their pitiable plight.

That night I dashed straight home, not wasting a minute at the car park with friends which was my daily practice, only to find my children asleep. Hugging and kissing them, against my norm, I thanked Allah Ta‘ala for the bounty of having my children hale and hearty.

While the loss of the youth of Syria to the blood thirsty regime of their country is extremely heart-rending, the loss of our youth to the scourge of “SATANIC CULTS”, to the night clubs and cinemas and to the drugs lords of our neighbourhood is equally tragic. If we ever want to peek into our future, then glance at the morals and values of our youth. The building blocks of our future are being moulded in our hands.

Their NEED!!!

N = Nurturing:

Our children are our future. The upbringing we imbue within them now will play out in their lives tomorrow. Firstly we need to condition our minds, that their success as human beings depends on deen. Therefore,