There was once a person who had a small sore in a very embarrassing area of his body. The sore wasn’t very big and the pain wasn’t very bad, so he reckoned he’d cope and just ignore it. After all, it was far too embarrassing to remove his pants before the doctor for one small little sore!

A week later, the sore grew into a big bad boil. Now, it wasn’t a pain that he could easily ignore. In fact, the pain was so bad that he couldn’t even walk properly! But even now, he was ashamed to show the doctor his problem. So he took a painkiller and hoped that his problem would simply disappear.

Finally, when the big bad boil became septic, and his whole body broke into a fever, everyone learnt of his boil and he was forced to go to the doctor. When the doctor examined the septic boil and asked him when he had first noticed it, he replied, “One week ago.” The doctor was horrified! “One week ago! And you just ignored it? Why didn’t you come to me earlier?” The doctor exclaimed. The patient replied, “I was ashamed to remove my pants in front of you!”

Hearing this, the doctor explained, “When you have a big bad boil, it’s going to come out sooner or later, you can’t hide it forever. If you had come to me in the beginning, I would have treated it and it probably wouldn’t have become septic. Because you left it, it has now become so bad that we have to operate!”

In life, we all have our ‘big bad boils’. For some of us, it might be addiction to pornography, drugs, masturbation or even an attraction to other boys. By ignoring the problem, it will not go away, rather it will become worse. Also, one day, it will become so bad that everybody will find out about it. How many boys got married and were then caught with another boy, or watching porn or taking drugs by their own wives? After that, everybody found out and they were forced to hang their heads in shame.

Instead of waiting for it to become a big bad boil, go to the spiritual doctor and treat it in its early stages. The pious ‘Ulama are the spiritual doctors and will never ever reveal your secret to anyone. Instead, they will assist you, advise you and always make special du‘aa for you. Also, there is no need to feel shy, embarrassed and wonder, “What will they think of me?” as due to their piety and humility, they always regard themselves to be the worst of people. No matter what sin you may be involved in, they regard you as better than them.

Let us have the courage to confide in the doctor, rather than wait for the day when our dirty secrets are exposed to all and we have nowhere to hide.