Is it Necessary to Follow an Imaam?
Can I not Refer Directly to the Hadeeth?
In this belated era, one often hears questions about the need to follow an imaam or a mazhab. The ear-catching slogan of “DIRECTLY” following the Quraan and hadith is heard more frequently.The answer to such questions and the reality behind these slogans is highlighted by the following eye-opening incident, which has been reported by Imaam Ahmad bin Hambal and Imaam Tahaawi (rahimahumallah).
Once ‘Urwah bin Zubair (rahimahullah) addressed ‘Abdullah bin ‘Abbaas (radhiyallahu ‘anhuma) thus:
أضللت الناس يا ابن عباس !
“You have led the people astray O ibnu ‘Abbaas!”
When ‘Abdullah bin ‘Abbaas (radhiyallahu ‘anhuma) enquired about the reason, ‘Urwa (rahimahullah) mentioned a ruling pertaining to the laws of hajj which ‘Abdullah bin ‘Abbaas (radhiyallahu ‘anhuma) had issued contrary to the ruling of Abu Bakr and ‘Umar (radhiyallahu ‘anhuma). read more →