When Sayyidah Haajar (‘alaihas salaam) was in the midst of the barren desert with her infant child, Sayyiduna Ismaa‘eel (‘alaihis salaam), she neither had supplies nor anybody to assist her. She thus stood and turned to Allah Ta‘ala in du‘aa. Such was her state of anxiety that she soon began running back and forth between the mountains of Safaa and Marwah. As she ran between the mountains, she displayed a state of utter humility and desperation. She showed herself to be totally helpless and absolutely in need of Allah Ta‘ala. She continued running and making du‘aa until Allah Ta‘ala answered her du‘aa, alleviated her anxiety and caused the blessed water of Zam Zam to flow for her.

Hence the person making sa‘ee between Safaa and Marwah should adopt a similar state. He should focus on his abject poverty and need in comparison to the limitless treasures of Allah Ta‘ala and his own lowliness before the grand majesty of Allah Ta‘ala. He should bear in mind that he is totally dependent on Allah Ta‘ala to guide and enlighten his heart so that he may live a life of piety and his sins may be forgiven. Once he has developed this frame of mind, he should turn to Allah Ta‘ala in du‘aa, begging him to rid and free him of all his faults, shortcomings and sins. He should implore Allah Ta‘ala to not only guide him to the straight path but also keep him firm on it until the day he dies. Just as Allah Ta‘ala had transformed the state and condition of Sayyidah Haajar (‘alaihas salaam), he should beseech Allah Ta‘ala to also change his condition from being one of sin and disobedience to being one of spiritual perfection, perpetual mercy, true steadfastness and complete guidance. (Adapted from Tafseer Ibni Katheer vol. 1 pg. 199)

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