What may have started off as an enchanting novel full of charms and powers, actually sowed the seeds of Satanism deep down in our hearts. Out of curiosity we may have even tried out one or two hocus-pocus spells and with the assistance of Shaitaan the devil, we may have experienced some mysterious energies and feelings.

To grip us even further, a movie was also released, based on that very novel. Those words in the novel which formed images in our minds, suddenly came to life on the screen. Satanism now became embedded in our hearts. Beware! It is not merely novels and movies, rather it is playing with kufr and shirk. We are casually taking the exit door of Islam, plunging into the dungeon of disbelief. What we took as some past-time has become a vast crime.

Simply close that novel and switch of that screen, before our last spark of imaan also goes off.