Moulana Yunus Patel (rahimahullah) mentioned:

There are many, many Muslim brothers and sisters throughout the world, who, due to various negative influences and bad elements, find themselves ‘de-railed’ from Deen. Many others sit on the fence, wanting to enjoy or benefit from both sides of the fence engaging in sins as well as being practical on certain teachings of Deen. However, deep in their hearts is the desire to get back on track, and once again become good, practical Muslims; to jump off that fence and enjoy the green pastures of Islam. So they write, e-mail, phone and fax, seeking guidance and direction.

The main weakness is indulgence in sins; sometimes many sins and excessive indulgence in those sins. I give a standard prescription as a reply. Alhamdulillah, many who followed through with the prescription have found a whole new life of peace, happiness, blessings and mercy. On tasting the sweetness that comes with obedience, there is no desire to return to any form of disobedience. The following is what is presented to them:

1. The ideal is that we abstain from sins, out of love for Allah Ta’ala.

It is the nature of human beings that we love the one who is kind and generous to us. Then what about Allah Ta‘ala who has provided us with plentiful of everything?

Who has blessed us with sight, hearing, speech, with organs that are functioning in such an amazing manner, and with limbs, all in our service, for eating, drinking, walking, sitting, etc.?

Who has showered upon us the bounties of clothing, shelter, transport, and so many other material comforts?

Who is providing the food and drink that provides strength?

Allah Ta’ala.

And now that strength is used to disobey that Gracious and Generous Master.

Who created the means for us to be born in Muslim homes, to grow up with spiritual bounties of Imaan and Islam or who has guided us to Islam? Allah Ta’ala.

Should we not then love Allah Ta’ala unconditionally, keeping in mind that our hearts are also from Him, and was given to us for His love?

Should we not be ever-willing to earn His Pleasure? Should we not be avoiding all those actions which earn His Displeasure? Since He is our beloved.

(to be continued insha-Allah)