I have a problem where I swear all the time. What can I do to stop swearing?


Youth fall into the bad habit of swearing for a few reasons. Some of them are:

– Their circle of friends have the habit of swearing.

– They think that it’s cool and macho to use swear words.

– They watch movies with swearing (watching any movie is impermissible. The swearing just makes it worse).

The solution is for you to exercise restraint. If there is no pain, there will be no gain.

Attempt the following:

  1. The first step is taubah. Sincerely repent for the past and beg Allah Ta‘ala’s forgiveness. Wash off the spiritual impurity on the tongue by means of the tears of taubah.
  2. Inform your close friends that you are trying to give up this evil and request them to point out your fault every time you swear. Insha-Allah this will be very effective in helping you to refrain from this in the future.
  3. Daily for a few minutes meditate on the following: If you give someone a very expensive, shiny spoon as a gift, but then see him using that spoon to pick up the dog’s droppings, will you be happy to see this? Obviously not. Instead you will think that he is the most ungrateful person around. Likewise, Allah Ta‘ala has blessed you with this invaluable ‘spoon’ of the tongue. Even if one spends an entire gold mine, you cannot buy a ‘spoon’ like a tongue. It was given to you to ‘dish out’ sweet words and such talk that will take you closer to Allah Ta‘ala. Instead, you are soiling it in that which is more impure than dog’s droppings!!!
  4. Fix a fine that you will force yourself to pay every time you swear e.g. R1 in sadaqah for the first time you swear, then R2 for the second time you swear and so forth. Insha-Allah as the bill escalates, your nafs will feel the pressure and will gradually come under control.
  5. Allah Ta‘ala loves His servants who try and cry. Take out a few minutes to daily ask Allah Ta‘ala for a pure tongue with pure speech.

May Allah Ta‘ala make it easy for you to give up this habit.